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Do you LOVE DivaCamp as much as we do? Do you find yourself telling anyone who will listen about how awesome it was doing a rotating paceline, how great the yoga was, how you learned so much, and why you need to treat your body well so you can be the best version of yourself….for your family and future?  Then you, are just what we are looking for in a “PRIMA”.

Divas who exhibit personal growth, fearlessness, community outreach, and love can apply to be selected for the “Prima” Program.

Check out our 2018 Prima’s HERE!

Prima requirements:
  • Design 7 community outreach activities before December 31st 2018.
  • Prima to provide guidance and leadership at Multiday camps.
  • Encourage the community through weekly social media posts  (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) that are cycling/wellness related and tagging DivaCycling Camp.
  • Participate in 3 cycling events  (Fondo, race, charity event) before January 2019 as “Prima Diva Team Captain” with three or more additional Divas.  During lead up to event Prima will “take-over” the DivaCycling Camp social media accounts for up close and personal exposure to event prep/participation.

As a Prima you’ll receive:

  • Prima will attend multi-day camp complimentary (travel not included).
  • 20% off ALL DivaCamp issue EVERYTHING: TotalCyclist/ DivaCamp clothing and clinics
  • DivaCycling Camp Prima Edition Jersey.
  • Become identified as a leader and role model in your cycling community.

Fill out the following application and hopefully you will become a DivaCycling Camp Prima. Be thorough in your explanations and remember, we will only be selecting 4-5 Primas for the next 12 months.  Many are already trying to apply, but we can only select a few.