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Welcome Divas!

12/8/18 – Touchstone, Charlotte, NC: 2019 Preparation!  – Register | Info

1/12/19 – Anne Springs, Ft Mill, SC: Beginner MTB Day Camp  – Register | Info

2/9/19 – Touchstone, Charlotte, NC: How to maximize your transitions for Tri’s!  – Register | Info

A DivaDay Camp is the perfect way to get some “pre-camp” training so you can be READY for camp. DivaDay Camp is also a fantastic way to be introduced into the DivaCamp world. DO you want to get a taste of climbing skills?, Cliff note version of training, better cycling, nutrition? Are you a  more advanced cyclist and want to really excel on things that go up and down and around? WE have the answer…DivaDay Camp.

Think of it as a “time crunched” DivaCamp.

DivaDay Camp is not just a cycling camp for women. It’s an uplifting, rewarding, and enriching experience that has changed many lives already. Come join us. Get on your bike. Be inspired.