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Welcome Divas!

All of the best elements of the Diva experience distilled down to a jam packed day of riding, top-shelf cycling info and great bonding experiences with your fellow campers. A great introduction to the Diva experience! More info…

A full 14 hours of great information, riding, skill sharpening, and presentations by the TotalCyclist staff. With comfortable, modern accommodations at a beautiful venue, this somewhat condensed version of our full-blown Diva experience is a great immersion into what our camps have to offer. More info…

Four days of beautiful bike rides in one of America’s premier cycling region, topped off with professional coaching and clinics that’s bound to improve your riding skills. You’ll get to experience all the fun and community-building that DivaCamps offer with a large group of like-minded women keen on conquering new challenges on and off the bike. More info…

Have a great group of gals that you’d like to get together with for a weekend of great riding? Then get in touch with us about one of our private DivaCamps. You’ll get the full Diva treatment, plus specialized attention from the TotalCyclist crew at a fantastic location. It’s a memorable way to ride, relax and deepen the bonds of those special friendships. More info…

Since 2011, DivaCamp has offered women the chance to become skilled and confident cyclists, while exploring some of the most magnificent roads of America.

With DivaCamp+ we are now offering new rides, new skill-building clinics and presentations, and new locations. Our wonderful team of coaches and mentors will let you in on the tips and tricks that we have specifically developed for today’s female cyclist. And of course, you get to experience all of this with like-minded, inspiring women who are on a quest for personal growth through the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

After we sound our traditional goodbye group cheer on Sunday, you will leave DivaCamp+ with a sense of accomplishment, and the knowledge that you have conquered a new set of challenges that will take you and your riding to new levels.

DivaCamp+ is not just a cycling camp for women. It’s an uplifting, rewarding, and enriching experience that has changed many lives already. Come join us. Get on your bike. Be inspired.

Meet Our Team

Chad Andrews
Chad AndrewsFounder
Chad Andrews is the President and Founder of TotalCyclist: Charlotte, NC. Chad is a USA Cycling Level 1 coach and professional race commentator. Chad envisioned the concept of developing an all-in-one training center for cyclists in the early 90’s.
Christy Keely
Christy KeelySenior Coach
Christy Keely is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a professional cyclist, and coach to the stars. She adds physiology, cycling form and sparklewatts to every DivaCamp. She likes puppies, snacks, and research articles.
Anne Moore
Anne MooreAssoc. Coach
Anne Ahern Moore, is the owner of Anne Moore Endurance Coaching, as well as the Exercise Physiologist at FitMed Partners, an adjunct professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Trident Technical College, a personal trainer, as well as a competitive cyclist and triathlete.
Tom Fenig
Tom FenigAssoc. Coach
Tom Fenig has been involved with DivaCamp from the start because of his passion for cycling and the satisfaction of seeing Divas achieve what they thought was unachievable. Tom is a businessman and has two grown kids ages 25 and 27. In addition to cycling, has a passion for animals of all kind—unless they are chasing him on the bike!
Terry Slifer
Terry SliferAssoc. Coach
Terry Slifer is a Cat 3 road race/crit rider, Cat 1 Mountain Bike racer and currently a paincave staff member. Terry is an accomplished runner, skier and surfer; and has through hiked the Appalachian Trail (North Bound). Terry began road racing in 2011 and draws from all of these experiences to help provide a holistic approach to training, nutrition, total fitness and life.
Lyn Stubblefield
Lyn StubblefieldAssoc. Coach
Lyn has been a avid cyclist and DivaCamp mentor for many years. Lyn has the amazing gift of drawing in the cycling community and giving her time to great causes!
Helene Barrette
Helene BarretteAssoc. Coach
Following her repeat participation at DivaCamps over the years, Helen has gone from solo local rides, to joining a cycling club, and riding her bike over some of the most famous climbs of the Dolomites and the Alps. She is eager to share her experience with other women, and to help increase the number of women who ride bikes. Because women who ride, do amazing things!