****TotalCyclist Spring DivaCamp May 26-29, 2014******

****TotalCyclist Fall DivaCamp October 23-26, 2014******

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NEW FOR 2014 and Beyond


  • The Spring DivaCamp will be featured in the WINE COUNTRY of North Carolina. This will be a gently rolling camp with beautiful views. Challenging and FUN!
  • Earn your DivaCamp "Badge"!!!


DivaCampTM is the one and only Cycling Camp designed specifically for women.  What kind of female cyclists?  All kinds!


What does DivaCampTM feature?

  • NEW LOCATION FOR 2014 SPRING DivaCamp - North Carolina Wine Country!
  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • 1:4 Coach to Cyclist ratio
  • Skills Clinics
  • "Women only" seminars
  • Fantastic Food
  • Wine Tasting
  • Massage
  • and..of course FANTASTIC RIDING in the Yadkin Valley region of North Carolina.

Comments from TotalCycist® DivaCampTM participants:

"DivaCamp was exactly what I needed to gain experience and confidence on my bike!"

"I would definitely do it again, and would love to help coordinate in any way. It was a gorgeous location, inspiring coaches, and gave me a chance to really increase my confidence and utilize my skills to help others."

"The coaching was great - specific, practical and delivered in a supportive way."

"I have absolutely nothing to complain about (not a single criticism!). It was an incredibly positive experience."

"The camp was laid back but the cycling challenged me. It was awesome fun when we got that paceline working fast! I wish I could get my friends at home to work together like that."

"I learned a lot, and I made lifetime friends. We have already had some meetings and have made plans to do so again. I cannot thank you enough for this experience. I hope to make it a annual event. The staff was especially great. Loved everyone.. Tom, Melinda, Alison, Slip, Mark, and of course Chad."

 "All the skills were highly valuable - I genuinely felt like I improved a lot in the course of 3 days: I feel more confident, comfortable on the bike, and have a greater sense of awareness (self- and others) now."

"This was my third camp and I don't know how but you guys keep outdoing yourselves. Grand Slam Home run!"

"We loved this location!!!!"

"I have been on many cycling vacations in my life and this one is right at the top!"



     For more information please contact us:

     Call the office 704-376-7006.


     Twitter:  @DivaCyclingCamp

     Facebook: TotalCyclist DivaCycling Camp

   Another Fantastic DivaCampTM comes to a close!