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Great things are coming in Summer and Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 at DivaCamp+ !


Day Clinics: 

April 15th

May 13th** Full Day and half proceeds go to 24 Foundation!

June 10th



Road: October 19th-22nd, 2017, in Marietta, SC

Road: September 14th-17th Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Road: January 24th- 28th 2018 Winter Garden, Fl

Private Camp : Contact us for your own PRIVATE CAMP



Do you want four or five days of beautiful bike rides in TWO of America’s premier cycling regions? Prefer a shorter stint like the popular one or two day Camps? Do you want professional coaching and clinics to improve your riding skills...a  fun and sharing community-building environment with like-minded women? Conquering new challenges, and of becoming a better YOU!? 

Are you interested in a one Day Camp with Coach Rocket or one of our Monthly Diva Clinics?

We have what YOU are looking for!

DivaCamp+ has more for you than ever before. New rides, new challenges, a new location, and a new, truly special location in Winter Garden Florida for Spring 2018 and of course our VIP experience at the Gran Fondo Hincapie - in Fall 2017


Comments from DivaCampTM Participants:


DivaCamp was exactly what I needed to gain experience and confidence on my bike!

I would definitely do it again, and would love to help coordinate in any way. It was a gorgeous location, inspiring coaches, and gave me a chance to really increase my confidence and utilize my skills to help others.


Best cycling experience everf. I achieved more than I thought would have been possible....u guys rock!!!

Diva camp is family to me. I love to rekindle friendships and meet new family each year. I look to camp for learning something new each year and put more tools in the tool belt. I would like to learn about intervals and heart rate training.

For me, Diva Camp is about empowering female riders and growing a tight knit, supportive group of (cycling) friends that spans two countries. When I left this year, I really felt like I belonged to a great community. It gives me the confidence to ride anywhere, with (almost) anyone. It has expedited my growth as a rider by teaching me skills that I otherwise would not have learned. Its given me tangible goals (finishing the Gran Fondo Medio with a smile on my face, get up The Driveway) that motivated me through the year.

The coaching was great - specific, practical and delivered in a supportive way

I have absolutely nothing to complain about (not a single criticism!). It was an incredibly positive experience.

The camp was laid back but the cycling challenged me. It was awesome fun when we got that paceline working fast! I wish I could get my friends at home to work together like that.

I learned a lot, and I made lifetime friends. We have already had some meetings and have made plans to do so again. I cannot thank you enough for this experience. I hope to make it a annual event. The staff was especially great. Loved everyone... Tom, Melinda, Alison, Slip, and of course Chad.

 All the skills were highly valuable - I genuinely felt like I improved a lot in the course of 3 days: I feel more confident, comfortable on the bike, and have a greater sense of awareness (self- and others) now.

This was my third camp and I don't know how but you guys keep outdoing yourselves. Grand Slam Home run!

Read on for more information, but start planning, and... join us...

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You love DivaCamp? We’re giving you more.

Since 2011, DivaCamp has offered hundreds of women the chance to become skilled and confident road cyclists, join a growing community, discover a new passion, all while exploring on two wheels some of America’s most magnificent areas.

In October 2016, DivaCamp becomes DivaCamp+. What’s the “+” about, you ask? How about new rides, new skill-building clinics, a beautiful venue in an awesome new location, great additions to our wonderful team of coaches and mentors, new presentations and “women-only tips and tricks”.... And of course, you get to do all that with like-minded, inspiring women on a quest for personal growth through the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. 

After our traditional good-bye group cheer on Sunday, you will leave DivaCamp+ with a sense of accomplishment, a new-found confidence in your bike-riding skills, the knowledge that you have conquered new challenges and perhaps some fears – and possibly, with a few sore muscles… from all the smiling and laughing, that is!

DivaCamp+ is not just a cycling camp for women. It’s an uplifting, rewarding, and enriching experience that has changed many lives already. Come join us. Get on your bike. Be inspired.

So Get Ready for DivaCamp+!

At DivaCamp+, one of our goals is to challenge you. Whether you think you can't climb, descend, go for long rides, corner without fear… we will equip you with the physical and mental skills to take on those challenges.

Use the months leading up to camp to ride your bike, be active, and improve your fitness.

Why? The fitter you are, the more fun it is, it’s that simple. If you’re already a fit athlete, keep up the great work! But you may be thinking, “Ahem, I have work to do...” So, get on it! There’s time!

Walk your dog, get on your bike, improve your flexibility with yoga, play soccer with your kids, explore your local hiking trails! It all counts. 30 minutes or more of physical activity every day will make you fitter and happier. 

We will provide tips and cheers along the way, and (if you want) we’ll share your accomplishments with your fellow Divas.

And remember, tell your friends about your workouts using the hashtag #DivaCyclingCamp on social media, and earn yourself some Diva Points! It’s a win-win!



Want to see what we've done at previous DivaCamps? Watch the video below and see what makes DivaCamp so special. 


Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel for any reason, your deposit will not be refunded.  Additional cancellation fees are based on how far in advance we receive your cancellation notice in writing or thru email notification (this does NOT include the contract payment. See below)


  • 90+ days prior- Cancellation Fee of 25% of original camp price 
  • 61-90 days prior - Cancellation Fee of 50% of original camp price
  • 31-60 days prior - Cancellation Fee of 75% of original camp price
  • 0-30 days prior - Cancellation Fee of 100% of original camp price


If you decide to purchase the contract options we will bill your Credit card each month for the remaining balance divided by the months you have left until camp starts. 

Please be aware that the Monthly Payment Plan is a contractual agreement between yourself and TotalCyclist. Your first payment of $100 is due at sign-up, and each equal monthly payment thereafter is pro-rated based on your sign-up date. The number of payments will be equal to the number of months between your sign-up date, and October 2015. We will automatically charge your credit card on the first of every month.

For example, if you sign up for DivaCamp+, based on the shared occupancy price of $999, on March1, 2015:


  • The first payment of $100 is due at sign up on March 1, 2016.
  • There will be seven (7) additional monthly payments, each totaling $185.57, which will be charged to your credit card on April 1, May 1, June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1, and October 1.


Non refundable

Non transferable

IF we (TotalCyclist®) have to cancel a camp for any reason, we will refund you the full amount including your deposit within 30 days of trip cancel. We cannot however be responsible for expenses incurred with airline tickets or any other travel related expenses. 

Contact our offices for more information: 704.376.7006 or info@totalcyclist.com


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